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WCRP Climate Research in Service to Society

The WCRP OSC Climate Research in Service to Society Conference will be held in Denver from  24 to 28 October 2011.
The conference will covers all aspects of understanding and predicting climate variability and change and it will deliver a comprehensive assessment of climate research,  bringing together diverse research communities that usually meet separately.

A better understanding of the behaviour of the climate system and its interactions with other Earth system components is critical to predict its future evolution, reduce vulnerability to high impact weather and climate events, and sustain life.
This need is perhaps greater than ever before given that humans have emerged as the dominant agent of future change.
Progress will require, moreover, an increasingly holistic approach across scientific disciplines, as well as an unprecedented commitment to the development of a diverse and talented future workforce.
To advance on such challenges, the WCRP will assemble for the first time ever its entire research community, and engage other key international research programmes, in a major Open Science Conference (OSC) in October 2011.
Through a unique synthesis of research findings, the OSC will assess our current state of knowledge on climate variability and change, identify the most urgent scientific issues and research challenges, and ascertain how the WCRP can best facilitate research and develop partnerships critical for progress.

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