Science & PolicyNitrogen and Global Change: Key Findings – Future Challenges


Nitrogen and Global Change: Key Findings – Future Challenges, Edinburgh, 11-15 April, 2011

This event aims to bring together scientists, policy makers and other stakeholders to discuss the scientific progress on the role of nitrogen in global change and the relevance for policy makers. It will celebrate the launch of the European Nitrogen Assessment and scientific results of major European Nitrogen research programmes such as the EU 6th Framework project NitroEurope IP.

It is jointly organised with the ESF programme Nitrogen in Europe (NinE), COST Action 729, the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen (TFRN) under the UNECE Convention of Long-Range Transboundary Air pollution, the European Centre of the International Nitrogen Initiative (INI) and is sponsored by the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA).


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