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The primary aim of ACCENT-Plus is  to foster the integration of the atmospheric science community in Europe, continuing a long lasting process that has been initiated in the 90’s by the EUROTRAC I and II projects and later by the ACCENT Network of Excellence.

ACCENT-Plus is inviting all research institutions active in atmospheric science to become Associates to the Project.

Associates will benefit from and actively contribute to the network’s activities (conferences, workshops, web-based information, education, policy contacts, etc.).

Because funds provided by the European Commission are limited, costs sustained by ACCENT Plus Associates in order to participate to the mentioned activities should normally be covered by the ACCENT Associates themselves. In specific cases, where the contribution of Associates is essential for the implementation of the program of activities, support may be available through the project. Also, financial support to young scientists for attending summer schools, workshops and symposia will be preferably granted to ACCENT-Plus Associates. Finally those scientists that will be involved in the ACCENT-Plus specific activities (i.e. the preparation of the scientific papers) will be required to become Associates.


In order to become an ACCENT-Plus Associate it is necessary to complete the simple  on-line application form, as a signal of willingness to become part of the ACCENT-Plus community.


Please note that only Institute/Department/Laboratory association will be accepted. Personal associations will not be considered. This Call is permanently open.

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