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2nd ACCENT Symposium – Proceeding Now Published

The Proceedings of the 2nd ACCENT Symposium “Atmospheric Composition Change. Causes and Consequences – Local to Global”, 23-27 July 2007, Urbino (Italy), has now been published.

The book includes 23 extended abstracts of Oral Presentations, divided into 5 thematic sections related to the atmospheric composition change: Ecosystem, Climate, Health, Air Quality and Measurements.

The book is published together with an editorial CD-Rom, including 90 extended abstract of Poster presentations.

Official Reference:

title: Atmospheric composition Change – Causes and Consequences – Local to Global
editors: Michela Maione, Sandro Fuzzi
publisher: Aracne editrice S.r.l.
ISBN: 978-88-548-2268-9
1st edition: January 2009

Report on Gender Issues in Scientific Careers

The report WORKING AS SCIENTISTS: GENDER PERCEPTION OF THE WORK-LIFE BALANCE. ACCENT NETWORK: A CASE STUDY, on gender issues in scientific careers, is an ACCENT initiative on gender awareness themes, which focuses on the perception of gender differences and the creation of conditions for gender equality in scientific careers, analysing the experience of ACCENT scientists.

The work consisted in the elaboration of data collected from the wide ACCENT community through the completion of a questionnaire, elaborated by Fatima Farina, from the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Urbino, and revised by Eva Schuepbach and Michela Maione, for the ACCENT Gender Awareness Group.

The collected data have been analysed by Fatima Farina and Domenico Carbone (University of Piemonte Orientale), resulting in this interesting report which, we hope, will be food for thought for both men and women.

The report is available here.

ACCENT Synthesis Now Published!!

The ACCENT Synthesis has now been published as a special issue of Atmospheric Environment and as an hard bound book

This comprehensive review of the present knowledge in the field of atmospheric composition change follows a problem-oriented approach describing the effects of the changes on climate, regional air quality and ecosystems. Recent advances in instrumentation and methodologies for measuring atmospheric composition change from space, aircraft and the surface, as well as novel laboratory techniques are also reviewed with an emphasis on innovative technologies that will become operational in the near future.
In addition, two further contributions discuss the issues of training of young scientists and the learning tools on atmospheric composition change for different school levels, and the interaction between science and society within the general theme of atmospheric sciences.

The volume 43, Issue 33, Atmospheric Environment, pages 5135-5442 (October 2009) is available at:

Please find here below the table of contents:
– Foreword, José Manuel Silva Rodríguez
– Editorial, S. Fuzzi, M. Maione
– Atmospheric composition change: climate–chemistry interactions, I.S.A. Isaksen et al.
– Atmospheric composition change: ecosystems–atmosphere interactions, D. Fowler et al.
– Atmospheric composition change: global and regional air quality, P.S. Monks et al.
– Measuring atmospheric composition change, P. Laj et al.
– Educating the next generation of atmospheric scientists within a European Network of Excellence, E. Schuepbach et al.
– Atmospheric composition change research: Time to go post-normal? Ângela Guimarães Pereira et al.
– Appendix: ACCENT, The account of a successful story: a short summary of the goals, organisation and achievements of the European Network of Excellence “Atmospheric Composition Change: the European Network”

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2nd ACCENT Symposium, Oral Presentations Now Available

ACCENT is pleased to announce that the oral presentations of its second international symposium are now available, here below. (click on the speakers’ name to download the ppt file)

The Symposium on the relevance of atmospheric composition change on important societal issues, such as climate, air quality, health and eco systems, took place in the beautiful renaissance town of Urbino, Italy 23-27 July 2007.

Oral Presentations

Session “Atmospheric Composition Change and Ecosystems”
• Land Atmosphere Exchange of Reactive Nitrogen, Ute Skiba (invited presentation)
• News on Organics from the Air-Sea Interface, Jonathan Williams (invited presentation)
• Marine Aerosol Chemical Fluxes and the Development of a Combined Inorganic-Organic Sea Spray Source Function, Darius Ceburnis

Session “Atmospheric Composition Change and Climate”
• Aerosol Direct and Indirect Effects on Climate Forcing, Johannes Quaas (invited presentation)
• Composition-Climate Interactions: Towards Climate Mitigation Strategies, Drew Shindell (invited presentation)
• Past, Present and Future Anthropogenic Aerosol: Atmospheric Feedbacks in Different Climate Conditions, Celine Deandreis
• The WCRP-SPARC/IGBP-IGAC Atmospheric Chemistry & Climate Initiative, Veronika Eyring

Session “Atmospheric Composition Change and Health”
• Policy Design to Reduce PM10 Long-Term Exposure: an Application over the Northern Italy Domain, Enrico Pisoni

Session “Training and Education”
• The Virtual Knowledge Train on Atmospheric Composition Change: oral presentation by Elmar Uherek

Session “Atmospheric Composition Change and Air Quality”
• Changes In Tropospheric Composition Over The Past 20 Years And Implications For The Global Air Quality, Isabelle Bey (invited presentation)
• Decadal Changes in European NOx Emissions Derived from Satellite Observations by Means of Inverse Modeling, Igor B. Konovalov

Session “Measuring Atmospheric Composition Change”
• Relationship of Aerosol Microphysical Properties and Chemical Composition with the Radiative Effect of Aerosol in Baltic Sea Region, Anna Pugatshova
• Single-Particle Experimental Studies of Mass Transfer in Aerosol Growth or Evaporation, Chris Homer
• Seasonal Variation of the Aerosol Size Distribution at High Altitude Research Stations in France and Nepal, Karine Sellegri
• 10 Years of Pyrogenic NMVOC Emissions Deduced From HCHO Satellite Data, Jenny Stavrakou
• Influence of Continental Emissions on Upper-Tropospheric Methanol as Revealed From Space, Gaëlle Dufour

Click here to view the symposium website

Click here to view the symposium programme