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The third Urbino Symposium entitled "Air Quality and Climate Change: Interactions and Feedbacks" organised by ACCENT-Plus, will take place from 13 to 16 September 2011.

The biennial Urbino Symposia, initiated within ACCENT, will continue within the new ACCENT-Plus Project. As a regular gathering of the whole European science community involved

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in atmospheric composition and climate change research, it provides a unique opportunity and focus for research. The goals of the meetings are to promote the integration and collaboration of the relevant scientific communities and to establish a constructive interaction with policy-makers. A close link with the most important international activities/projects (e.g., iCACGP, IGAC, iLEAPS, SOLAS, GAW, etc.) will ensure exchange with the international (extra-European) scientific community.

The Symposium will consist of plenary oral presentations, poster sessions and special policy related sessions.

All the information about the Symposium is available in the Symposium web site which will be continously updated. Visit us frequentely.


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