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Data & InfrastructuresIntegration of the Remote Sensing Scientific CommunityTask Description


The overarching objective of this task addresses the need to facilitate the scientific use of tropospheric data products for research and their interpretation for use in the development of environmental policy. Over the next four years this will be achieved by bringing the European and international remote sensing scientific community together to interact and exchange knowledge. Specific workshops, targeted at the relevant part of the remote sensing community and data users, will be organised. Each workshop will provide the opportunity to discuss the advances in retrieval techniques for specific tropospheric applications and our understanding of the changes and trends of the data products. In the first two years the workshops will have two specific foci:

1. Remote sensing of Megacities and large urban areas: pollution and its impact;

2. Remote Sensing of short-lived and long-lived greenhouse constituents.

The workshops, whose output will feed into the synthesis process operated by WP4, will be tasked to investigate and study:

i) the status of the development and improvement of algorithms for the retrieval of profiles and concentrations of tropospheric constituents, aerosols and other parameters, relevant to each theme;

ii) the status of the validation of relevant tropospheric satellite data products using existing data;

iii) the combination of satellite observations, ground based data and modelling to obtain an optimal picture of the selected problem;

iv) the value of synergistic use of different instrumentation and platforms to improve our understanding of the relevant tropospheric chemistry and dynamics;

v) the present gaps in our understanding. The workshops will bring the satellite research community together with the data user community to assess the evolving development of space based remote sensing focussed on specific problems of policy relevance.


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