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ACCENT Series Reports

List of published ACCENT reports.



Frontiers in the Transport and Transformation of Pollutants; the Report of the Barnsdale Expert Meeting, 2004
Editors: Paul Monks and Peter Borrell, 2005



The Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Constituents from Space; the AT2 Strategy Document
Editors: John Burrows and Peter Borrell, 2005



Atmospheric Transport and Transformation at Urban and Local Scales; the Report of the Valencia Workshop, 2005;
Editors Nicolas Moussiopoulos and Evangelia-Anna Kalognomou, 2005




L'ARIA (Italian version of the booklet: AIR, a short story to walk a long way) by Frank Raes, 2005



Challenges in Training and Education (T&E), Position Paper 2005
Editor: Evi Schuepbach, 2005



Tropospheric Sounding from Space; ACCENT-TROPOSAT-2 in 2004-5
Editors: John Burrows and Peter Borrell, 2005



Constituents of Organic Aerosols Workshop Report;
Editors: Christian Dye, Cathrine Lund Myhre



Trace Gas and Aerosol Flux Measurement Techniques ACCENT- BIAFLUX Workshop Report
Editors: David Fowler and Jennifer Muller



Towards Robust European Air Pollution Policies: Constraints and Prospects for a wider dialogue between scientists, experts, decision-makers and citizens ASTA-ACCENT Workshop Report
Authors: P. Grennfelt, L. Lindau, R. Maas, G. Sundqvist, R. Lidskog, F. Raes, J. Arnell



Understanding and quantifying the atmospheric nitrogen cycle; the 2nd ACCENT Barnsdale Expert Meeting, 2005
Editors: R.A. Cox, David Fowler, Paul Monks and Peter Borrell 2006



Common Issues between Air Quality & Climate Change: Research & Policy Recommendations Report Produced by the ACCENT Joint Research Programme on Aerosols: Air quality & Climate
Editors: Hans-Christen Hansson and Colin D. O'Dowd



Answers to the Urbino Questions, ACCENTs First Policy-Driven Synthesis
Editors: Frank Raes and Jens Hjorth



Free-Radicals in the Troposphere: Measurement, Interpretation of Field-Data, and Future Directions
Editor: Dwayne Heard



Chemical Data Assimilation for the Observation of the Earth's Atmosphere, ACCENT/WMO Expert Workshop in support of IGACO, 2006
Editors: Leonard Barry, John P. Burrows, Paul Monks and Peter Borrell



Air Quality in Eastern Europe, A Review of Measurement and Modelling Practices and Needs, An ACCENT /JRC Expert Workshop, Editors: Claire Granier, Paul Monks, Oksana Tarasova, Semra Tuncel, Peter Borrell



EUROPEAN ON-LINE PARTICLE MASS SPECTROMETRY, Report on the workshop “European on-line particle mass spectrometry”, 29th-30th November 2005, JRC-Ispra, Italy.
Editors: D. Mira Salama, J. Hjorth, C. Grüning, N. R. Jensen, M. Dall’Osto



part1, part2, part3, part4, part5

Measuring Tropospheric Trace Constituents from Space
Editors: J. Burrows, P. Borrell
  2.2007 Proceedings of the Workshop on Model Benchmarking and Quality Assurance, 29/30 May 2006, Thessaloniki, Greece
Editors: N. Moussiopoulos, I. Isaksen


part1, part2

Bulgarian version of the booklet: AIR, a short story to walk a long way by Frank Raes, 2005

Volatile Organic Compounds in the Polluted Atmosphere
The 3rd ACCENT Barnsdale Expert Meeting
Editors: J. Burrows, T. Cox, D. Fowler, C. Granier, I. Isaksen, P. Monks, C. O’Dowd, P. Borrell



ACCENT Training Workshop and Hellenic Day Hellenic Report
9-12 October 2006, Thessaloniki, Greece
Editors: N. Moussiopoulos, T. Slini, E. Schuepbach


overview; TG1 aerosols; TG1 infra-red; TG1 ultra-violet; TG2; TG3; publications

Observing Tropospheric Trace Costituents from Space, ACCENT-TROPOSAT-2 in 2007-7, editors: Burrows J., Borrell P.
  7.2007 Surface Emissions and Prediction of Atmospheric Composition Changes, Summer School, Ile d'Oléron (France), editors: Granier C., Guenther A., Middleton P., Mieville A.


The Impact of Climate Change on Air Quality. The 4th ACCENT Barnsdale Expert Workshop, editors: Builtjes J., Fowler D., Feichter J., Lewis A., Monks P., Borrell P.


cover; report

ACCENT workshop on network harmonization and data intercomparability, 21-23 January 2008, Las Vegas, USA, editors: Torseth K.


overview, TG1 aerosol, TG1_IR, TG1_UVTG2, TG3, Appendices

The Remote Sensing of Tropospheric Constituents from Space, ACCENT-TROPOSAT-2: Activities 2007-08 & Final Report, editors: Burrows J., Borrell P.



Answers to the Gothenburg Questions, ACCENTs Second Policy Driven Synthesis, editors: Hjorth J., Raes F.


Working as scientists: gender perception of the work-life balance. ACCENT network: a case study, Gender issues in sceintific careers an ACCENT initiative on gender awareness themes, editor: Maione M.


Emissions of Gases and Aerosols. Progress, Modeling Needs and Emerging issues Report of the GEIA-ACCENT Conference October 26-28 2009 Oslo, Norway, editors: Granier C., Middleton P., Guenther A., Mieville A., Baldasano J. M., Gauss M., Stavrakou T., Steiner A., Tummon F., Veldeman N.


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