Science & PolicyResearch findings in support of the EU Air Policy review process

Research findings in support of the EU Air Policy review process

The review process is lead by DG ENVIRONMENT and will be finalised by the end of 2012 with policy proposals expected for the first half of 2013.

In this context, the Commission is coordinating a consultation process in the course of which EC-funded projects in the field of air quality, climate change and health aspects included, will be asked to provide science-based evidences relevant for the review process.
In particular, through the Sixth and Seventh Framework Programmes, DG Research & Innovation supports a broad range of research projects addressing key scientific aspects to be taken into account during the review process. To this end, FP6 and FP7 projects have been invited to contribute to a joint report that will gather the latest scientific findings relevant to the EU Air Quality legislation. In order to integrate these findings in the review process, the report will have to be finalised by the end of 2012. Additional projects funded by DG SANCO through the Public Health programme will also contribute to the process.


The consultation process will be kicked off on the 20th of October in Brussels, where key FP6 and FP7 projects addressing air quality related issues will be represented. The meeting is organised around the following six themes: Nitrogen, Ozone, Particulate matter, Air quality and climate interactions, Air quality and health and Integrated assessment. Each of the above aspects will be addressed in a dedicated session chaired by an international expert who will lead an open discussion amongst the participants. The key scientific findings pinpointed during the various discussions will represent the starting point for the drafting of the report, which shape and format will also be discussed during the meeting.


The report will be a collaborative effort from European research projects funded by the EU Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development in the field of Air Quality. The collaboration within the European Commission will include DG RTD, DG JRC, DG ENV, DG SANCO, also included will be the EEA and the WHO. The report will present the views of the scientific community associated with the research programme and those working closely on Air Quality issues in support of the ongoing revision process. The report will identify key scientific messages with a focus on those findings which are most helpful in the development of EU Air Quality legislation. The main limitations to knowledge and understanding will be identified and research challenges, including emerging issues will be briefly described.

The report will be structured in 6 chapters. The first three chapters will focus on specific pollutants (Nitrogen, Ozone and PM) and on the scientific activities that are relevant for the revision of EU Air Quality legislation. These first three chapters will also include climate and health considerations associated with these 3 themes. In addition, a specific focus on climate and health aspects will be made under two dedicated chapters: "Air quality and climate interactions" and "Air quality and health". Finally, a specific chapter of the report will be devoted to "Integrated Assessment models".


All participating projects (EUCAARI, CITYZEN, HEREPLUS, MEGAPOLI, ECLIPSE, PEGASOS, AIRMONTECH, PURGE, URGENCHE, TRANSPHORM, ESCAPE, HITEA, OFFICAIR, INTARESE, HEIMTSA, ATOPICA, ACTRIS) will contribute to the process through their scientific outputs and expertise.


In addition, the following projects have a central coordination role:



• Provide overall scientific coordinator.

• Provide Specific chair / coordinators. (PM, Ozone, Air Quality and Climate Change)

• Provide support to the overall process. (within available budget)


• Provide Specific chair / coordinator. Nitrogen.


• Provide specific chair/coordinator. Air quality and Health.


• Provide specific chair. Integrated assessment


Here you can find the PDF files of the presentations given at

Research findings in support of the EU Air policy review process
20th October, 2011 (8:30h -18:00h)
Avenue de Beaulieu 5, Room 0C - 1160 Auderghem (Brussels)


  • 08.30 - 08.45 Registration

Session I –  Introduction to the workshop

  • 08.45-09.00 Welcome address

Andrea Tilche, DG Research and Innovation

Thomas Verheye, DG Environment

Jose Jimenez / Lara Passante, DG Research and Innovation.

Scott Brockett, DG Environment

  • 09.45 -10.00 Coffee Break

Session II - Scientific findings: Air quality (including Climate and Health) Identification of contributions from individual projects / participants.
Chair: David Fowler


Chair: David Fowler on behalf of Paul Monks (ACCENT Plus)

Chair: Sandro Fuzzi (ACCENT Plus)

Chair: David Fowler on behalf of Guy Brasseur (ACCENT Plus)

Chair: Bert Brunekreef (ESCAPE)

Chair: Rainer Friedrich (TRANSPHORM)

Session III- Conclusions

  • 17.30-18.00 Wrap-up of session II and next steps
  • 18.00 End of workshop


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