Medis    Requirements - Error handling


This module requires some environment settings, which are nessessary to work properly:

Internet 6.0 or above, Firefox 1.5 or above, Opera 8.5 or above
(it may work with older Browser versions but they have not been tested)
Adobe Flash Player Plugin/ActiveX
Version 7.0 or above (for Firefox and Opera: Version 9.0 is nessessary)
   Get current Adobe Flash Player
Executing Javascript has to be allowed in the Browser environment.
Popup-Blocker like from the Google-Toolbar etc. have to be deactivated.
Flash Global Security Settings

The Global Security Settings of the Flash Player have to be set to 'Always allow'.
You have to set this settings on the following site:
   Set Flash Global Security Settings


Error handling

If the environment is not set properly, the following errors can occur.
Please check the listed topics, if the described occurs:

The module is not starting in its own window
  • Javascript is deactivated
  • Any Popup-Blocker is activated
The module window does not close automatically at the end
  • Javascript is deactivated
  • Flash Global Security Settings are not set to 'Always allow'
  • wrong Flash Player Version (V9.0.115.0)